American International School of Lome

From the Director’s desk

Dear parents, students and visitors,

Whether you or your children are already enrolled, or you are browsing the website to discover our school, we welcome you the American International School of Lomé.

If you are new to us, we hope you will be able to make a visit in person soon, as well. This school will warm your heart and lift your spirits. You will see students engaged in active learning, teachers who demonstrate care and affection toward youngsters, who challenge their intellects and who inspire a desire to learn and you will find a truly dedicated staff.

AISL has provided an American style education in Lomé for forty-nine years. Its alumni are studying all over the world, though mainly in the USA and Canada. Our graduates arrive at college well prepared, they continue to do well academically, they become passionate about their chosen fields and many of them go on to get a Masters. They often write to thank us for the foundation we gave them, not just in academics, but also in terms of character development.

We manage to do all this while being a small school, so clearly there are advantages to small size. The following abiding characteristics provide compelling reasons to choose AISL:

  • a welcoming and friendly environment
  • teachers who take an individual interest in their students,
  • a flexible yet challenging academic program,
  • a commitment to serving each student
  • a strong activities program that enriches school life and provides a multitude of possibilities for growth, and
  • a dedicated faculty and staff.

These are the AISL secrets to our success.

I hope you will continue to explore our new website and return to it often as we shall be updating it.

On a personal note I should like to say that I am reaching the end of my tenure as director. After nine years at AISL and twenty-four years in Lomé, I am returning to the U.S.A. Despite all the challenges faced over the past nine years in bringing the school to its present state, it has always been an honor, and often a pleasure, to work with the whole community that makes up the American International School of Lomé. Together we have achieved a lot and together with the new director (whom we shall soon introduce) the school will continue to grow into its next version.

I am happy to be able to launch the new school website before I leave and to introduce you to our school both as it is and with all the exciting new developments we have been preparing behind the scenes for next year.


Yours very truly,

Clover J. Afokpa