Arrival at AISL

Students and teachers came early that morning of May 5th for the field trip organized by the student council. Everybody was cheerful about that new restricted AISL-Family. Two vehicles were at our disposal. A 15-seat bus of the “La Poste” company and our director’s car. We had fifteen students from grade 8 to 12 who signed up and four teachers/staff.

Departure for Kpalime

It was 8:04 am when we finally took off after the latecomer came to join us. His being late was due to circumstances beyond his control. The trip could have been easily called “Kpalime by bus”. It was almost a 2 and half hours road trip. Students put music to make the trip joyful. Many of them slept in the bus after the first hour.

Arrival at Kpalime

We arrived at Kpalime around 11 am to meet our trip coordinator/guide to the waterfall at the Wome site. The road which led us to the waterfall site was in a terrible state (for the cars, not us). We finally reached the site where we divided into small groups according to the instructions we got from the guide… and we started the steep slope down to the waterfall.

Arrival at the Waterfall

Oh what a pleasure to reach the bottom of the climb! What a view! We had a nice refreshing moment. We swam, we bathed, we played and then we paused fearing the climb back up!

Picnic at the Waterfall

After so much effort we climbed up back to reach the top. There we were so exhausted that we decided to cancel the picnic to reach our hotel the as quickly as possible for a rest.

Departure for Hotel Caraibes

It was a very rich and unusual moment.

Arrival and check in at the Hotel Caraibes

A very lovely place to stay! We got our rooms. The boys were in their quarters just as the girls. Mr. Robert got us the Wi-Fi code and we could be in touch with the world!

Rest and activities

Our picnic was at the hotel with our snacks and drinks! After a while we went to rest. Around 4 pm some students went for a volleyball session with Mr. Robert and Mr. David. After a while, a quick visit was made to a cocoa farm in the neighborhood with Mr. Robert, Mrs. Afokpa and Uwaila, John, Rachida and Adrian. Mr. David stayed at the Hotel to get things ready for the music and video projection that was planned for diner.

Dinner and activities at Hotel Caraibes

At 8 pm we had a copious diner of vegetables, rice, French fries with fish and chicken then a dessert of fruits. It was shared in a good atmosphere. We stayed there for awhile and some of us took a walk around the hotel. There was a scrabble game led by Mr. Robert.

Lights out

At 10 pm everybody went back to his/her respective quarters. And the magic came on transforming Mrs. Afokpa into a caring mother. She stayed up till 2 am with Mr. David as an assistant supervisor.

Wake up – get ready – check out

The following morning, after bathing, getting dressed and packing our things we came out of our rooms with our luggage and went for breakfast at 8 in the Hotel refectory.

Breakfast at Hotel Caraibes

It was quick because the hotel restaurant cook was late! We had to leave this sumptuous place to go to Agbodrafo.

Departure from Hotel Caraibes-Kpalime

At 9:30 we left Kpalime heading towards Agbodrafo. On the way Manuela played music in the bus and we all enjoyed the ride. We stopped two times to buy fruit for our beloved ones in Lome. At 11 we arrived in Lome and passed by the Director’s house to pick up our picnic lunch for the O’Lodge. We then left Lome around 11:40 to go to the O’Lodge at Agbodrafo.

Arrival at O Lodge

We reached the final trip destination around 12:30. We had a quick guided tour of the site with Mr. Charles – one of the O’Lodge staff members.

Picnic at O Lodge provided by school

We had our picnic-lunch and then started the different activities offered (slides and water fun, swimming pool, paddle boats and sailing).

Slides and water fun at O Lodge, paddle boats and sailing

Departure from O Lodge

We left the O’Lodge leisure site at 5:00 pm to drive back to the school

Arrival at AISL

We arrived at the AISL at 5:50 pm. Everybody was safe and sound, happy and waiting for the next trip on the program. The students went home with their parents or drivers. We had a great time together; it was fun!

End of Trip.