AISL offers a variety of extra curricular activities. Below is the list of activities offered this year. The students choose their activities according to their interests and, in some cases, their grade level.

  • Taekwondo
  • Music, guitar and drums. Although we include some introductory instrument playing in the curriculum, special courses for more practice are also offered after school.
  • Band and chorus
  • Sports activities such as soccer, basketball and volleyball are part of extra curricular activities and are organized according to grade level by the sports teacher.
  • One very important sports activity is swimming – this activity has a special swimming instructor.
  • Global Issues Club. Starting with community service such as planting trees, visiting orphanages or working with street kids, this club prepares students for a better understanding of global issues and of service.
  • Gardening is a part of the curriculum in elementary school, an optional class in Middle School and can be chosen as an After School Activity for all students including those in High School.
  • Drawing , painting and ceramics are all offered every quarter after school for all who are interested.
  • Yoga, frisbee, and game club are relatively new additions to our after school activities.
  • Tennis instruction is provided by a former national team coach.
  • There is also homework help offered by different teachers- this year in
  • SAT Math and English preparation classes are offered.


The school also offers activities which provide opportunities to go for international competitions like Odyssey of the Mind. This is a creative and critical thinking activity which trains students to be able to solve problems spontancously.


Model United Nations is another activity leading to international conferences. AISL has attended conferences  in various countries such as USA, Serbia and Ghana. It helps students to become very good orators in the future, as well as familiarizing them with current events and issues.


Most of  the above mentioned activities are coached by our own  AISL teachers, but some are offered by competent coaches from outside. Some activities have costs associated with them, especially those including travel.