American International School of Lome

Educational Technology

Grade 12,

One cannot foresee the world in which the child we educate will live. (John Dewey)

Educational Technology as a subject teaches the effective use of technology tools in learning. It involves technology integration in the classroom.

Technology integration is the use of technology resources- computers, digital cameras, CD-ROMS, software applications, the internet, handheld devices, etc. to support teaching and learning across all subject areas and grade levels.

High school graduates can expect a new brand of globalized opportunity-unbound by borders, enriched by fusion of industry and culture available to those

who know how to investigate, solve problems, collaborate, create and innovate. These skills help students make the connection between wheat they learn and what they do in the digital dimensions of 21 st century world.

The Educational Technology standards are organized to map the learning proficiency sequence from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Spanish Levels 1-4


Level 1 focuses on comprehension, both reading and listening: students read and study simple texts and watch/listen to movies in Spanish.

Level 2 emphasizes oral expression and the study of intermediate texts.

Level 3 continues with expression and the study of higher level texts.

Level 4: texts and oral presentations on themes such as:


  •  The idea of progress
  • Forms of power
  • Exchanges/geographical locations
  • Myths and heroes

Spanish Introduction


Spanish is offered as an elective at AISL, as we focus on French and English. However, we encourage students to learn this language which is
one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the second most spoken language in the USA, as well as the foreign language most chosen by students to study at US universities. It is one of the United Nations official working languages, and the ability to speak Spanish is a highly sought after skill in many international organizations and North American businesses and institutions.