American International School of Lome

World History

Grade 9,
Grade 10,

The World History course is a modern world history course beginning with a brief overview of the development of Western thought in Greece
and Rome. It covers the growth of the Islamic world, the Industrial Revolution, patterns of global change during the era of New Imperialism, the First and Second World War, nation building in the contemporary world, and the integration of countries into the world economy and the
information, technological and communications revolutions. The course emphasizes the spread of democratic ideals. It focuses on developing critical thinking skills. History writing skills that are emphasized include compare and contrast essays, continuity and change over time essays and document-based essays. Students practice map reading, and analyzing data from graphs and charts.

U.S. History

Grade 11,

The U.S. History course is a comprehensive course that emphasizes a multicultural perspective of the birth of the United States through the Cold War. The course begins with pre-European America, focuses on nation-building and the formation and ideals of the U.S. government, outlines the various challenges and changes to the constitution and the democratic ideals including the Civil War, Reconstruction, African-American and women's suffrage, reformation and the Civil Rights movement. The course analyzes U.S. involvement in the World Wars, Korean and Vietnam War, as well as economic issues such as the Great Depression and New Deal, and conflicting economic philosophies. Throughout the course, students develop the Historical and Social Science Analysis Skills as outlined by the National Standards.

Global Issues

Grade 12,

Global Issues is a required one-semester course that explores a variety of important political, social, economic and environmental issues in the contemporary world. Because the emphasis is on the contemporary, the specific topics addressed each year will vary. One year there may be more emphasis on political developments, another year social and/or environmental issues might dominate the discussion and research fostered in this class. In 2015/16, for instance, the topics included environmental issues facing Togo and a presentation/interview session at the Ministry of the Environment. The emphasis throughout the course is on discussion and debate, as well as developing research and presentation skills.