American International School of Lome

Introduction to Physical Education


Physical education is education through human movement. It contributes to the total growth and development of the child and young adult. However, physical education is more than mere movement of the body. Students learn many important social and even moral skills as they learn to cooperate and compete in organized games and sports. The physical education teacher teaches a healthy respect for the individual human body as well as skills for playing and living in social groups.

The Basis of the Program


Our Physical Education Program is based on fitness. Strength, power, endurance, flexibility, agility and speed are qualities of physical fitness.
AISL is involved in the President’s Council on physical fitness and sports. We start and end each year with the President’s Challenge in order to measure improvement in fitness. The AISL PE Program is structured so that each child can become competent in the management of his / her body, and acquire useful physical and social skills.

Skills / Competencies in Body Management


Fundamental skills

Utilitarian or basis skills needed for functioning in environment, spatial

orientation, sense of personal and communal space, sense of direction

Locomotor skills

Running, jumping, etc…

Manipulative Skills

Handling of balls, hoops, etc. leads to better hand / eye coordination

Bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, twisting, and turning.

Non-locomotor skills

Bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, twisting, and turning.

Specialized skills

Dribbling, passing, kicking, shooting.

Social skills/goals

Good citizenship/sportsmanship

Safety skills and attitude

Rule following, avoidance of recklessness

Overcoming of fear

Health Science

Not Offered,

This required course focuses on learning about and acquiring the skills and knowledge for healthy living: physical fitness, self-esteem, nutrition, effects of drug and alcohol use on the body, disease prevention. Health Science is offered either as an AISL course or a guided independent study high school online course, depending on availability of specialized teacher. This course will ultimately be integrated into the PE Program. We are also studying ways of integrating concepts into elementary school classes, too, with combined use of school nurse and homeroom teacher.

After School Sports


The AISL after School Sport Program (which is an integral part of the PE Program) focuses on the team sports of Basketball, Soccer, Volley ball and Handball, as well as the individual activities of gymnastics and track and field. Many of the above skills are practiced and reinforced during the playing of the team sports. Students have the opportunity to engage in both school and intra school matches.

Swimming is offered with training a) for beginners to learn the basic ability to swim, b) swimmers to prepare for the international bronze, silver and gold medals, but it is actually a voluntary After School Activity.